Among Us – On the way to the stage

In the beginning of this year, our last year at school, teacher Isabel Santos spoke with us about her plans for the English classes. We knew from previous years that we would probably do a play again. And it was true! But this time it was slightly different; we would have to do a musical. Write a whole musical and perform it!

At first, everybody was reluctant about this idea. Because we knew that doing a play would be hard, but a musical would be a lot harder! “How are we going to perform a musical? I don’t even know how to sing!”. So, all these new challenges led to the class being divided in a mix of emotions. Some were confident to do a great play, but also there were people doubting on their capacities and unmotivated to do it.

In the end of the first term, we had to choose a topic. It was not an easy task, a lot of ideas resulting in disagreements and indecision. But, to be better for everyone, we decided to make an original and call it Among Us.

The next thing to do was writing the script. For our own surprise, in the beginning everything started going well, but unfortunately it started getting out of hand very quickly. For a while it all seemed like a mess, we couldn’t get any agreement and the script didn’t move on.

That was the moment when teacher Isabel had to step in and with her experience, she suggested us to split our tasks and… it resulted in perfection! With a little bit of delay but the script was delivered.

Then we were ready to start the rehearsals and it was exclusively on the third term. For a long time, the rehearsals were terrible! No one was confident and everybody was insecure to perform and especially sing for the rest of the class. These were hard moments where it felt that would be impossible to do this play.

But as the time passed and the day of presentation started getting closer, we felt in the obligation to start doing better and everybody started dedicated more to the play. Resulting of this, the classes were funnier and very enjoyable, and the final result couldn’t make us happier and prouder of ourselves.

The play was presented by the English students of classes 12.º A, B, C, D, E. We did it and it was great!

The play was presented in three sessions, on Wednesday, 29th May, in the school’s auditorium.

In the end, we noticed that this was a huge process, where we faced our insecurities and fears and learned that if we believe in our capacities, we will always be one step closer to the success.

Finally, we would like to thank teacher Teresa Fonte and João Quintas and also the people who helped us in all technical parts of this play for their support throughout the process. But, an even more important, to our teacher Isabel Santos for the patient and effort she dedicated to this play. To her commitment and for being always motivating us to give 100% of ourselves, because, in any other way, this play wouldn’t even be possible to do.

Rodrigo Fernandes’s report (12.ºA).